Could DAP have nudged Mahathir to step aside for Anwar in 2020?

Helen Ang

DAP falsely told Chinese that Mahathir was a changed man. Ubah my foot!

Although DAP let themselves be outplayed by Mahathir’s Sheraton Move, they’ve never to this day acknowledged their personal culpability.

The fact that Mahathir is a serial slayer of PMs and a racist – Recall his ‘Shoot on Sight’ threat against the ethnic Chinese boat people fleeing Vietnam in the late 1970s – was a trait well-known, particularly to the DAP.

Dapsters have been saying all sorts of things against Mahathir for decades but they still elevated him to the premiership anyway for a second time. Talk about the turkey that voted for Christmas!

It says a lot about DAP and its zombie supporters when Harapan attempted to replicate the same old, same old political system. Again, with the same old, same old nonagenarian taking the helm despite everybody being cognisant of Mahathir’s reputation and scorpion sting.