This Man Wants His Private Company to Contest in GE15. It’s Not as Stupid as it Sounds

They see it as a service that would be able to assist people in knowing who to vote for, and also help politicians appear more transparent… but there’s a catch.

(CiliSos) – If you looked at your voting ballot paper during the elections, you might have noticed some random symbols like tractors, scissors, and pencils. These are the “logos” of independent candidates or calon bebas – MP wannabes who don’t belong to any political party.

While the fact that they’re being represented with clipart from Microsoft Word isn’t bad enough, independent candidates are also usually perceived the same way as joke characters in fighting games… they aren’t meant to win, as evidenced by there only being three independents in the current Dewan Rakyat. And what’s worse than not winning is that they’re often considered vote splitters or troll picks that people blame when their favorite candidate loses by a small margin.


But things might be changing. The Sheraton Move and the political drama and kataking that came sewaktu dengannya have kinda eroded confidence in the existing parties, coalitions, or even politicians; giving an opportunity for a third force opposition or independent candidates to appear as viable options.

But one man has a slightly different idea. He wants to unite independent candidates under his company – not a party – because he believes that politics can be improved when it’s run like a business – professionally, by professionals.

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