Johor Sultan pans state DAP leader over call to protest rising prices, points to 1969 race riots

Johor’s Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar has criticised a state DAP leader for proposing street demonstrations to pressure the government to resolve the country’s cost of living crisis.

(MMO) – The sultan said that street demonstrations were an irresponsible reaction to the problem and there were more constructive methods to resolve the issue.

“Have we not learned enough from the bloody street protests of the past? Have they forgotten the riots of 1969, also more recently, the Bersih riots?

“It never achieved anything, except chaos, destruction and a black mark on our nation’s history!

“Protesting on the streets is not the Malaysian way… There will be no winners when this happens. There will only be losers, and who knows how long it will take the for scars to heal,” he told the Royal Press Office (RPO) in remarks that were also posted online.

The 63-year-old sultan’s comments were in response to Johor DAP vice-chief Sheikh Umar Bagharib Ali who on Wednesday urged Malaysians to demonstrate in Kuala Lumpur against the government’s handling of the crisis.

Today, the sultan said the country has laws that must be respected and upheld.

“Do not spew seditious statements when there are many other constructive avenues to channel your suggestions and views,” he said, adding that street protests would affect the economy that was still recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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