A Declaration Of War On Sultan Selangor – 6 Reasons PAS Extremists Have Insulted Islam & Committed Treason Over Bon Odori

PAS is trying to ridicule Sultan Sharafuddin as someone not qualified and gullible in matters of Islam, even though he is the head of Islam in his own state.

(Finance Twitter) – In retaliation against Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah of Selangor over the issue of Bon Odori, both the PAS Ulama Council and its women’s wing issued statements on Thursday (June 9) to urge Muslims not to participate in the Japanese festival. The order from the PAS Islamist political party “clashes” with a royal decree from the Selangor Palace which ordered the festival to proceed.

PAS Islamist party, clearly unhappy with the Sultan Selangor, said – “The PAS Ulama Council is urging Muslims not to attend the Bon Odori Festival because of the religious elements in the event. Although there are ‘views’ that say the festival is only related to Japanese culture, it does not in any way dismiss concerns that the event still contains elements of Buddhist religious rituals”.

PAS Ulama chief Ahmad Yahya said – “This is in line with statements issued by the Religious Affairs Minister (Idris Ahmad), muftis and religious experts. Their positions are based on public interest so that people do not fall into traps that could lead to a violation of aqidah (faith). The reasoning that this is a Japanese cultural event is not merit enough for it to be considered together”.

It appears that Malay-Muslim radicals have declared war on the Malay Monarch. The dispute over Bon Odori started on June 6 when Idris Ahmad, Religious Affairs Minister, advised Muslims not to participate in the upcoming festival (in Selangor on July 16) as it contains elements of other religions – based on a study conducted by JAKIM (Malaysian Islamic Development Department).

PAS young women’s wing – Ameerah Malaysia – has gone to the extent of banning the dance altogether, saying it is “haram” or forbidden for Muslims to participate in a religious festival that honours the spirit of the departed. The next day (June 7), Penang mufti Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor told Muslims not to participate the Bon Odori festival for fear it could lead to “syirik” (polytheism).

However, the Sultan of Selangor issued a decree on June 8 to the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) not to obstruct “anyone” from attending the festival. Not only Sultan Sharafuddin decreed the religious department to hand off Bon Odori, the monarch has also expressed his displeasure over the dubious study done by JAKIM to ban the Japanese traditional festival.

But the Malay Sultan was not done with the radical, extremist and narrow-minded PAS leaders, who often act as if they are the messenger of God. The religious department was shocked when Sultan Sharafuddin ordered officers from JAIS and the Shah Alam City Council to attend Bon Odori to see with their own eyes what actually happens during the dance festival.

The royal decree has caught PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) radicals with their pants down. If they keep quiet, not only it will undermine Religious Affairs Minister Idris Ahmad’s power and Islamic credential, but also proves that PAS leaders are a bunch of fake holy men.  But at the same time, the royal decree is seen as a humiliation that cannot be ignored by the political animals.

Hence, a day after what the arrogant PAS leaders saw as Sultan Sharafuddin’s interference in Islamic affairs – which PAS falsely considered as its jurisdiction – the Islamist political party decided to retaliate. The party, led by president Abdul Hadi Awang, wanted to teach the Malay Ruler a lesson so that the monarch knows his real place, and not to lecture PAS in the future.

First, the latest statement from PAS clearly indicates that “views” (from Sultan Selangor) were not only wrong, but was rubbished as nothing but an ignorant personal opinion of the Sultan because PAS insists that Bon Odori still contains elements of Buddhist religious rituals – despite the fact that the dance festival had never misled a single Muslim for the past 45 years since it was held in 1977.

Second, in urging Muslims not to attend the Bon Odori Festival, PAS is flexing its muscle to show that Sultan Sharafuddin is powerless against the Islamist party extremists. It also sends a dangerous message that Malaysian Muslims can ignore not only the Sultan Selangor’s current decree, but also any future royal decree – if PAS is unhappy and disagrees with the Malay Ruler.

Third, the statement was deliberately issued by PAS Ulama Council to send a message that the entire political party was behind Religious Affairs Minister Idris Ahmad, who is also the vice president of PAS. To further insult the Selangor Sultan, the statement specifically said the rejection of the royal decree has the approval from muftis and religious experts.

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