Kasthuri Patto: 30pc women quota still important for change, as ‘mediocre men’ keep on dominating

The fight for a 30 per cent women quota in high-ranking positions and decision-making bodies is still relevant, as many “mediocre men” still dominate the space, Batu Kawan MP Kasthuriraani Patto said.

(MMO) – Speaking to Malay Mail, the daughter of the late legendary politician P. Patto, said that this was why the system was crucial to help capable and bright women earn their well-deserved spot to showcase their leadership talents.

Kasthuri lamented that society was also at fault for the problem.

“I think we have evolved from having no quota at all. Which means that women, even good, qualified women, were not given a platform or a space because mediocre men took that space up.

“As a society, we are also to blame because we never ask men and women the same question. When a woman is elected as a lawmaker, one of the first questions is: ‘Do you have children, and if yes, how are you going to manage your time?’ Do we ask male lawmakers the same question? We never do, but we ask women like Hannah Yeoh and Yeo Bee Yin that,” she said.

Kasthuri said this was the result of societal expectations and its conditioning about gender roles, which was also imprinted on women lawmakers, who faced policies of inequality.

She said that she fervently hopes and believes that the 30 per cent quota system — which she feels is not the most ideal — will no longer be around one day, once the concept of gender equality has been understood well and adopted thoroughly.

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