What’s with you and Indian movie stars, Ramasamy criticises Anwar

Anwar is basically a populist politician.

(Focus Malaysia) – PENANG Deputy Chief Minister II Prof P Ramasamy launched a broadside against PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for his penchant for endearing himself to Indian film stars.

“Anwar is basically a populist politician. He thinks by associating or meeting up with these superstars, he might endear himself to the Indian community.

“Indians might be poor and in need of assistance but they are no fools. Of course, there might be segments in the community who might want suck up to these superstars but the majority of the community are not naïve,” he said in a statement.

Yesterday, Anwar posted on Twitter on his meeting with Tamil movie icon, Kamal Hassan, who arrived in Malaysia to promote his latest film, Vikram.

(Today, I met icon and superstar Kamal Hassan. I had a long discussion with him over Indian history and good governance, in addition to our firmness against corruption)

It is to note that Anwar often mimics Indian stars such as the late MGR and Kamal’s contemporary, Rajinikanth whenever he attends events involving the Indian community.

His antics, while usually greeted with cheers by the crowd, often courted criticism for using “old-school politics” in an attempt to pander to the Indian community.

Indians not naïve

On that note, Ramasamy reminded the Opposition Leader that what Malaysian Indians wanted from him was to ensure the community’s rights are protected; free from discrimination and marginalisation.

“This is not asking too much from politicians like Anwar who have promised benefits for the community,” he stated.

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