Report: Serba Dinamik CEO claims ‘hidden hands’ out to destroy company and plot his downfall

Serba Dinamik Holdings Bhd chief executive Datuk Abdul Karim Abdullah has today claimed the oil and gas company’s legal troubles with market regulators were caused by “hidden hands” that were keen to see its downfall.

(MMO) – In an interview with The Malaysian Insight, Abdul Karim was quoted as saying the alleged plot was to destroy Serba Dinamik as well as to remove him from the corporate scene.

“We believe there are hidden hands who triggered this entire controversy. We are entrepreneurs who believe in technology as a tool to guide, support and excel with our global holistic engineering solutions.

“We believe in participating in the nation building agenda and to support and implement the vendor development programme of the government.

“Along the way, there were parties who envied our success and worked out an ill-intended move to create messy issues.

“We do not have any ‘godfather’ or ‘strong political connections’ to shield us,” he said, while refusing to reveal the identity of the alleged perpetrators as investigations are still underway.

This comes after four senior officials, including Abdul Karim himself, from SDHB were fully acquitted of charges of submitting a false statement to Bursa Malaysia last year after the full settlement of the company’s RM16 million fine imposed by the Securities Commission (SC) were completed.

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