Malaysia’s silent weapons of societal destruction – J. D. Lovrenciear

Exposé surrounding housemen in hospitals example of deeply rooted rotting culture affecting professions, jobs, businesses

(The Vibes) – THE Vibes is widely commended for its courage and sincerity in exposing the horrendous plight faced by trainee doctors.

The ongoing exposé surrounding housemen in hospitals is a sampling of a deeply rooted rotting culture that affects all professions, jobs and even businesses.

These abuses clearly indicate the powers-that-be have craftily embedded a system that silences the victims and does not provide a safety net for the isolated few who dare to highlight the agonies.

As reported, Can’t present case well? Go have sex, it’s better than being a prostitute, complainants “will be penalised, like having their grades reduced during assessment and perhaps retained at their posting longer than necessary”.

Indeed, the silent weaponising of power and control is present in all corridors of employment, both public and private enterprises, and especially in the corridors of ministries and institutions of governance.

We have precipitated into a society that tows the line just to make sure they are not punished for speaking up the truth. We have been reduced to silent victims fearing punishment.

Schools and universities are rife with fears of being victimised through grades and missed promotions.

Being banished into cold storage is another weapon present within many organisations. Making life difficult and stressful for those not towing the line is another unspoken truth.

Today we have even accepted that it is better to shut up and suffer in silo silence. Not raising alarm bells is deemed a wiser option.

Such a culture, system and mindset are not going to build an action. They only yield and wield more power, control and barricade benefits for the select few and many an aping crook.

A nation’s productivity dies a natural death, while fake success stories are dumbed up.

We have to ask more defining questions.

Is there a correlation behind all the reported news of government led business entities that have gone bust or remained in the red, and this derogatory work system in place where abuse is rampant?

In fact, many citizens will readily tell you, “Aiya, you cannot fight them. So, just buy time lah.”

Some have even peddled the mantra that “since we cannot beat them, might as well join them and survive”.

Indeed, all these exposés of how employees are being exploited, abused and reined in to support the power, control and profiteering agenda of those in higher office are destroying this nation.

We need to uproot this deadly, destructive and poisoned system embedded in our society.

It calls for a national reset. The time is overdue for a revolution of work culture, systems and mindsets.