The benefits of being feudal

All these seem to suggest that the more pious and righteous the Malays are, the more contradictory they are in terms of values. 

(The Malaysian Reserve) – IT MUST be difficult to continue to be a supporter of Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak when revelation after revelation, especially from abroad, continue to pile up to expose his crimes and shenanigans against the nation and its people. 

However, they don’t seem perturbed, unless they are gritting their teeth and putting up a brave face. 

Actually, it is almost surreal and incomprehensible for them to continue to do so and able to persist in declaring him as a shameless boss. 

It has been argued that Najib’s popularity is staged, via a coterie of paid cybertroopers and hangers-on, creating the aura that he has extensive support on social media platforms and surrounded by supporters when appearing in public places. 

It may be partially true but the remaining half that adulate him continue to be an enigma if not an outright contradiction of their existence. 

In a recent conversation, social activist Hishamuddin Rais suggested that it could be cultural schizophrenia — defined as individuals crushed between two or more cultures, disabling them from balancing the dictations of the cultures. 

Whether the diagnose is correct or not, there is something eerily wrong with the manner these supporters respond to Najib’s exposed exploits as to their general demeanour of pronounced piety and propriety. 

One candid social media post, though not analysing the depth of the condition, pointed out these contradictions. A lamentation of sorts, the post pointed out that the very people who were adamant that it is forbidden to eat pork seemed to be fine with “eating” bribes — the word eat is being used to denote that in Malay vocabulary, the verb eating and taking is of similar meaning. 

It also pointed out that a plunderer, despite repeatedly plundering the nation and its future, though repeatedly proven to have committed them, and continues with the misdeed, will still get their votes simply because he gave a token in return. 

Sealing it is the fact that the plunderer is of the same race and faith, and despite the religion clearly saying that all these acts are forbidden. 

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