Focus on ‘People’s Agenda’, over 50 civil society groups urge politicians

Enough about parties, pay attention to rakyat’s needs, they stress

(The Vibes) – In the run-up to the upcoming general election, six civil society groups have jointly issued a clarion call to the country’s politicians to stop talking about their parties and give due focus on the people’s needs and problems.

Thus far, their initiative called the People’s Agenda has been endorsed by 53 civil society and public interest groups.

“The idea is that instead of talking about political tents, the People’s Agenda will be a starting point for the politicians to start talking about the people’s needs,” said Anil Netto, president of Aliran, a human rights non-governmental organisation.

We want politicians and parties who not only fight to go to Putrajaya, but those who can commit to the People’s Agenda.”

“The People’s Agenda will be a starting point for this; we want this to kick-start conversations about issues that many people should be concerned about.”

Aliran is one of the six co-sponsors of the agenda’s drive. The others are Pacos Trust from Sabah, Pergerakan Tenaga Akademi Malaysia (Gerak), Save Rivers from Sarawak, Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) and Undi18.

Acknowledging the mood of frustration, fatigue and despair in the country, the People’s Agenda also urges the Malaysian people to not give up but to fight back through the ballot box.

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