PAS veep told to solemnly swear there’s no plot against Umno

A Barisan Nasional leader has challenged PAS vice-president Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar to take an Islamic oath in denying that his party is plotting to topple Umno leaders.

(FMT) – Specifically, Samsuri was told to utter a “sumpah laknat”, which means he has to be willing to suffer God’s curse if his oath is false.

Selangor BN information chief Isham Jalil issued the challenge during an interview with FMT.

“These days, people do not believe the mere denials of politicians who say one thing but do the opposite,” he said.

He was referring to Samsuri’s denial of the veracity of documents said to be the minutes of a PAS meeting that have been leaked. The alleged minutes mention a plot to disrupt and topple Umno and BN.

Samsuri, who is the Terengganu menteri besar, said he did not know the origin of the documents.

However, he acknowledged that meetings between top PAS and Bersatu leaders had taken place.

Isham said he would like to ask Samsuri what the meetings were about if there were no discussions on the alleged plot.

He said PAS leaders had previously spoken of a tactical plan to make Umno accept Bersatu in the Muafakat Nasional alliance.

“Is part of the tactical plan to topple Umno leaders who disagree with PAS and throw them in jail before the next general election?

“If this is the plan, then it is clear that PAS leaders think nothing of persecuting others for power. Such people cannot be trusted.”