GE15: Coalition of ‘uncorrupted’ partners needed, says Dr M

(The Star) – There is a need to form a coalition with partners who are not involved in corruption in the upcoming general election, says Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

In a series of Twitter posts, the Parti Pejuang Tanah Air chairman said it was important for anti-corruption voters to come out in great numbers to vote for anti-corruption candidates.

“But will the anti-corruption party win enough seats? It is possible that it will not.

“There would be a need to form some kind of coalition with partners who are not involved in corruption,” he said on Friday (April 15).

Citing an example, the former prime minister claimed most of the parties fielding candidates for the Johor state election are from parties that are allegedly tainted by corruption.

These parties, he added, had been rejected by electorates in the 14th General Election.

“But now they are back. Maybe they will field new candidates. But the parties and the leadership are still the same.

“They may talk about wanting to do away with corruption,” he said, but their campaign would reflect otherwise.

“Some loyalists may choose not to vote. If they do that, the diehard loyalists would still vote.

“And the corrupt candidates would win. The government would be corrupt and continue to be corrupt,” said the former premier.

Without naming directly to any party, Dr Mahathir said that for numerous elections, some party members had remained loyal to their chosen party.

“They had overlooked some deviations by their party, gave them the benefit of their doubt and supported the party.

“But now the corruption, the deviations have become very serious,” he said.

He said the 14th General Election showed the determination of voters, those who were tied to no party, and exercising their right to support candidates of their choice.

“Pejuang too would be a leader in a coalition with multiracial parties which subscribe to its anti-corruption principles and is aware that disparities between people and states need to be corrected in a fair and equitable way,” said Dr Mahathir.