MACC investigation into Tok Mat still ongoing

(The Star) – Graft investigators have initiated a fresh probe against a top Umno leader, Mohamad Hasan, focusing on alleged money laundering.

Confirming this, sources with knowledge of the case said investigators are looking into claims of funds being transferred into bank accounts linked to him.

“Yes, we are investigating claims of financial transactions involving the individual.

“Not much can be said about the case for now as investigators have just started their probe,” a source told The Star.

The same source said the investigations came following a report lodged by an Umno branch, which called for a new investigation into the case involving the leader after the matter was raised by Malaysia Today recently.

The report, lodged on April 6, claimed that the Umno leader had received money from logging projects and the lease of land from around 2008 to 2010.

A report was lodged against the leader several years ago, but the outcome has not been made known.