DAP rues arrest of member for “asking Indians to vote against MIC”

PENANG Deputy Chief Minister II Prof P. Ramasamy has questioned the detention of DAP member S. Murugan, 43, (right) whose arrest was triggered by a Facebook posting prior to the recent Johor state election where the latter urged Indians not to vote for the MIC

(Focus Malaysia) – The Paloh DAP campaign worker was arrested by the Johor police on the midnight of April 11 in Paloh before being taken to Johor Baru.

Detained under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act of 1948, the magistrate allowed the police a three-day remand for the purpose of investigation.

“Although other details of the post have yet to be revealed, I understand that MIC members lodged about 12 police reports against Murugan,” noted the Perai state assemblyman. “Is it a crime for the police to arrest and charge party members for engaging in political campaigns during an election?”

Ramasamy further contended that it is normal for the opposition to ask Indians not to vote for the MIC.

Prof P. Ramasamy

“What was so serious and terrible about a Facebook post asking Indians not to vote for the MIC? What was the terrible crime of Murugan?” asked Ramasamy.

“Does he deserve to be charged under the anachronistic Sedition Act of 1948? Is crime measured in terms of the number of police reports? The more the police reports the more the severity of the crime.

“Were the actions of Murugan a threat to the security of the country? Is the MIC so powerful in Johor that their police reports taken so seriously to the extent there was a speedy arrest of Murugan?”

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