Rafizi needs to break the Anwar cult in PKR


For a smart guy, you are making a move that makes no sense!

Coming back to fight for the no. two job in the party that had been so silly as to choose an obvious traitor over you, and patronising the man whose attitude, by your own admission, is beyond your comprehension!

Not that you will be riding a politically-matured and popular organisation but one that is filled with leeches, pimps and opportunists! Let him drive this paper-mache car in the F1!

That is not just our opinion but reflective of the Malay voters’ perception, whose support you must win over in order to be counted. Let him choose not to see, you don’t have to put on the blinkers!

We all sympathise with the cruel treatment Anwar Ibrahim had received at the hands of the machiavellian Dr Mahathir. We caught on to Anwar’s idea of ‘reformasi’, and we did our part and obliged.

We went down to the streets and did our part of helping to build an enlightened organisation that can carry the dream of a healthy Malaysia. But it was not to be. PKR under Anwar was just a continuation of his vehicle to dream to be PM, instead!

That explains his erratic moves of sleeping with parties and people that wags in front of him the shortcuts to become the PM! In the end, they are albatrosses or back-stabbers to him.

And with each of his disappointing personal failures, down went the trusting rakyat’s aspirations too! The people now had enough! They said so in Melaka and Johor PRN.

That is the organisation you are returning to, Rafizi! If your believers need you, they will follow wherever you go. If they are still in PKR today, it’s because you had quit active politics. Where could they have gone?

Give them a break from the personality-cult that is PKR. They deserve more. Go somewhere where they could look forward to new dawns and new horizons.

No excess baggage, no albatros, no yes-men to side-step and hold you back.

Just kick-ass, brother!