Who is the real voice of Umno?


On the face of it, there appear to be only two.

The first, Team A, is led by Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the party president, and bankrolled by the felon Najib Razak, fighting for an early PRU, for two reasons; the court-cluster, if UMNO wins in the PRU, can then be in a powerful position and produce the rabbit out of an obliging PM’s hat, to do whatever that is necessary to avoid sending Najib & wife, and Zahid to prison!

The second reason is to ‘clean’ the party by getting rid of ‘disloyal’ personalities by leaving them in the cold come PRU candidate-nominating time.

Then there’s Team B, led by Ma’el Bera, the sitting PM who will have to be that reluctant someone under pressure to propose parliament’s dissolution to the YDPA, to make way for an early PRU.

But, unfortunately, Ma’el wants the normal parliamentary term to finish first, for two main reasons:

1) They have revealed their displeasure with the kleptocrats, and had behaved in ways that they should not be trusted by Zahid to be UMNO MPs anymore!

So they have to remove Zahid as UMNO president at the coming postponed party elections as decided by the Registrar of Societies that it must be held in December 2022, so that they can be UMNO candidates.

Otherwise, it will be the president’s call and that is a definite sayonara for them!

The scheduled PRU is only later, around June 2023. And Zahid wants them gone before the party polls. So he must remain as president to ‘clean up’ and not leave things to polls which he might lose!

2) Most of these ‘chop ayam’ ministers, Ma’el included, and other ‘scheme of things’ appointees, want to max their time in the lucrative and prestigious positions which they had never dreamt of getting, for obvious reasons, and may even win at the party polls and hope for some sort of redemption coming their way meanwhile! Dann Zahid!

That’s to the naked eye! There is large group in Team A who are uneasy about the presence of the big-time kleptocrats in the party leadership.

They want a clean UMNO too but they don’t jump and they do appreciate and get orgasms from the revival of UMNO that the kleptocrats had managed to maneuver among the party grass-roots!

So they better stay with the winners, albeit nervously, swimming with the sharks! Also Team B is also full of narcissistic monsters!

Who’s their leader? He will quit his acting once he feels it’s the right temperature to emerge UMNO-style!

Will Team C prevail by siding with the correct team? Will the then UMNO re-invent itself? Will the rakyat rights and hopes be finally respected?

We are in no mood for comedy today! We ARE talking about UMNO, right!