Farhash slams ‘rude’ Rafizi over presidency claim

A former political aide to Anwar Ibrahim has hit out at Rafizi Ramli after Rafizi claimed that he did not want to “spark chaos” by going for the top post in PKR.

(FMT) – Farhash Wafa Salvador also labelled the former Pandan MP, who recently announced his return to active politics, as “rude”.

“More importantly, does he think he is qualified to go against Anwar Ibrahim for the presidency?” he said in a statement tonight, referring to the party polls next month.

“If Rafizi feels he can take on Anwar, he should do so and let members see for themselves the power-crazed individuals who are prepared to betray the party’s leadership.

“Rafizi should just be honest with himself and stop pulling such cheap political stunts.”

Earlier today, Malaysiakini reported Rafizi as saying he did not want to contest for the presidency to ensure that the public was not distracted from the message the party wanted to convey.

Rafizi was reported to have said that if he were to challenge for the number one post, the focus will be on the contest instead of issues affecting the people.

Farhash, who has been critical of Rafizi, said that as a PKR member, Rafizi should be “more civilised” upon his return to politics, and should “mind his language”.

In a statement yesterday, Rafizi announced his return to active politics, saying he would be vying for the post of deputy president again. He challenged then PKR deputy president Azmin Ali in 2018 but lost narrowly.

The post of deputy president has been vacant since Azmin was sacked from the party following his part in the Sheraton Move which brought down the Pakatan Harapan government in February 2020.