BN victory came on 43% of popular vote in Johor polls

(Bernama) – Barisan Nasional’s victory in the Johor state elections yesterday was secured on a popular vote of 599,753 or 43.11% of all ballots cast.

Perikatan Nasional secured 334,457 votes or 24.04%, and Pakatan Harapan 284,969 votes (20.48%). PKR, which contested using its own logo, obtained 82,556 votes or 5.93%, while Muda, which went to the polls for the first time, received 48,072 votes or 3.46%.

Popular vote refers to the total number of votes won by each party or its coalition.

Pejuang, also making its electoral debut, obtained 18,692 votes or 1.34% followed by independent candidates with 10,007 votes (0.72%), Warisan 6,523 votes (0.47%) and PBM 4,880 votes (0.35%). Parti Sosialis Malaysia got 997 votes (0.07%) and Parti Bumiputera Perkasa Malaysia (Putra) received 247 votes or 0.02%.

Universiti Sains Malaysia political analyst Sivamurugan Pandian said the number of popular votes favouring BN was from loyal voters who wanted the coalition to take over the state administration.

He said the popularity of BN’s state chief Hasni Mohammad also contributed a lot to the votes as Hasni, who was the outgoing menteri besar, had brought the concept of “Keluarga Malaysia” (Malaysian Family) to Johor.

“Hasni is said to have helped those affected by Covid-19, especially Chinese traders in the state,” he said. Hasni’s multi-ethnic relationship also complemented BN’s success.

BN won a more than two-thirds majority when it won 40 state seats with Umno victorious in 33 state seats, MCA four and MIC three.

The opposition comprises PH (11), PN (3), Muda (1) and PKR (1).

The state elections saw 239 candidates from 15 political parties contesting for 56 state seats. A total of 1,426,573 people or 54.92% voted.