Is Wong Chun Wai the best mind the Chinese can offer?

Voters are the cause of a bad government. You choose bad leaders, so you get a bad government. And after being cursed with bad governments for 36 years from 1982 to 2018, you Chinese go and choose yet another bad government in GE14. And then you write long articles complaining about the bad government you yourself chose.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Wong Chun Wai may be one of the top newspaper editors in Malaysia, but he still thinks like a normal Chinaman. His long article today (Sex, sleaze and scams) is all about the symptoms of the disease and he offers no clues as to the cause and cure of that disease.

If this is how the best Chinese mind thinks, no wonder the DAP cybertroopers post comments no better than country bumpkins.

I mean it’s like you refuse to get vaccinated, refuse to put on a mask, refuse to wash/disinfect your hands, refuse to social distance, you hug and kiss everyone you bump into on the streets, and then you blame the prime minister when you get Covid-19.

Hello, brader Wong, this is a 40-year-old problem lah. This cancer started when Anwar Ibrahim joined Umno in 1982, one year after Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad became prime minister.

At that time I was already in PAS (I joined five years earlier in 1977 soon after I met Abdul Hadi Awang in his home in Rusila). And back then we had already told Malaysians how Umno and the country was being destroyed by these two Mamaks, Mahathir and Anwar.

Who kept these three destroyers of the country in power?

And when Tun Daim Zainuddin joined Anwar and Mahathir as the finance minister in 1984 (and they got rid of Tun Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, and a number of other Umno leaders by closing down Umno in 1988) the destruction of Malaysia was cemented in stone.

And what did Wong Chun Wai and his Chinese comrades in MCA do?

They kept Umno in power.

In the 1990 general election, Umno won only 40% of the seats but BN won 71%.

In the 1995 general election, Umno won only 46% of the seats but BN won 84%.

In the 1999 general election, Umno won only 37% of the seats but BN won 77%.

In the 2004 general election, Umno won only 49% of the seats but BN won 90%.

In the 2008 general election, Umno won only 35% of the seats but BN won 51%.

In the 2013 general election, Umno won only 39% of the seats but BN won 60%.

I think you get the point by now.

Then, in the 2018 general election, Umno won only 24% of the seats and BN won only 35%.

Only then did BN fall. And that was because Mahathir supported the opposition and helped them get into power. If not because of Mahathir, Pakatan Harapan would have still lost the 2018 general election.

MCA saved Mahathir in 1988 and kept him in power when he was already finished and should have resigned as PM

So you see, the Chinese blame Mahathir, Daim, and Anwar for destroying the country. However, for 36 years from 1982 all the way to 2018, the Chinese supported Mahathir, Daim, and Anwar, even in the last general election in 2018.

So what is Wong Chun Wai’s long article lamenting about? Who caused the rot in Malaysia? Whose fault is it? Wong Chun Wai’s long story (read below) is about the symptoms of the disease. Talk lah about the cause of the disease. Who caused it?

Voters are the cause of a bad government. You choose bad leaders, so you get a bad government. And after being cursed with bad governments for 36 years from 1982 to 2018, you Chinese go and choose yet another bad government in GE14. And then you write long articles complaining about the bad government you yourself chose.

As I said, if Wong Chun Wai is the best mind the Chinese can offer, no wonder Malaysia is going down the drain and has gone to the dogs. Sendiri buat, salah orang lain. Siapa yang pilih kerajaan? Bukan ke pengundi?


Sex, sleaze and scams

Wong Chun Wai, The Star

It must have been a week when most Malaysians cringed in embarrassment. Tough times, indeed, for trying to find a place to bury our heads knowing that the world was reading about the level of corruption that has plagued our country.

It’s not just the politicians either, but top-level officials and bureaucrats, and even their spouses and mistresses, who seem to be inextricably involved in one way or another.

Yes, it’s just a claim by Tim Leissner, a man with questionable intentions, who took money from 1MDB, but he has now turned prosecution witness.

Based on records, he has poor credentials, but we must admit his testimony is damning.

Leissner, a former Goldman Sachs banker, has been described as a “serial liar” and “cheater”, and these are the more polite terms used on him.

After all, billions have been siphoned off by Jho Low and his partners in crime, whether at corporate or political levels.

While Leissner has testified in court that he was allegedly blackmailed by his lover into buying a RM43mil (US$10mil) house in the posh Knightsbridge area in London, one wonders what the relevance was in naming his affairs with the other women, who have no role in the 1MDB scandal.

While these women were politically connected because of their families, it hints at how desperate Leissner is to boast about his conquests with “the natives”, so to speak. While the mainstream media didn’t name them, social media did, and unfortunately, their identities and pictures went viral.

It has been reported that former Astro chief executive officer Datuk Rohana Rozhan has been called up by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC) because if 1MDB money was used to buy her a house, it will involve possible money laundering as well as failure to report the hideous crime.

The alleged relationship between Rohana and Leissner first surfaced in the book, Billion Dollar Whale by Tom Wright and Bradley Hope, albeit indirectly. She was mentioned as the former chief financial officer of Astro, but in Leissner’s words, their liaison was an open secret.

The writers described Leissner as “a good talker,” who grew up in the northern German town of Wolfsburg, close to Hanover, who talked his way into the upper echelons of Malaysia’s elite.

But while the pillow talk and seduction make for juicy reading, it’s the missing money and the links that should remain our focus. These are the missing pieces in the jigsaw puzzle.

Those implicated will or have to come out with denials. It’s unlikely they’ll want to refute him in open court. The reality is that their credibility is in shambles, even if unfair.

Malaysians are likely not going to subscribe to their denials and would want the authorities, including the MACC, to take it up.

The truth is, our institutions including Bank Negara Malaysia and well, the MACC itself, have lost their credibility. More than just simple denials are needed to restore their image.

That amounts to a serious revamp if it means allowing these agencies to move forward. Perception is everything and surely, we don’t have to tell the government that.

We mustn’t send the wrong message that there are different sets of rules for the rich and powerful, what with their connections. If they have committed a crime, they should not get away with it.

Incredibly, we now see corrupt and even convicted politicians being feted like celebrities or honourable personalities, and their leadership unfathomably “missed.”

Well, unfortunately, that’s also because their successors are worse in terms of expectations and performances, and the lack of leadership has led to some segments of Malaysia longing for a time when there was hope, stability and purpose. Yes, it’s an irony when some of us pine for the leadership of crooks, but we have come to that stage.

I’m afraid that some of us Malaysians are also sending that kind of signal to these tarnished politicians.

Malaysia is indeed in a sorry state as we struggle to solve that conundrum. It looks like more dirt will surface to complete the inside story of one of the biggest financial heists in history.