[UPDATED] PAS’ Dewan Ulamak urges state authorities to allow unilateral conversions

Move will negate need to seek consent from both parents together

(The Vibes) – A day after single mother Loh Siew Hong was reunited with her three children who are now Muslims, PAS’ Dewan Ulamak has urged all to ensure the children remain in the faith and not be forced into apostasy.

In a statement, it also calls for state religious authorities to amend their respective enactment to allow for unilateral conversions and negate the need to seek approvals from both parents.

“Muslims have long been patient and we do not want the religious harmony guaranteed by the federal constitution to inflame the sentiments and anger of Muslims.

“We urge all parties with personal interests, whether religious or political, respect the right of children to choose Islam as their religion without prejudice. Avoid negative accusations that there was coercion to convert as their conversions were done with the consent of their father.”

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