Anwar says PRN Johor is to serve Umno’s “Court Cluster”


(NST) – The reasoning that the Johor polls are being held for the sake of stability is merely a smokescreen for certain groups to remain in power and continue looting the country’s wealth for themselves.

PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim claimed that to remain in power, these groups were willing to do anything to stop and block those who rose to fight.

“Those making so much noise calling for stability, what is this stability for?

“Stability to fight for the people’s wellbeing? It has been stable for the past 60 years, but it did not guarantee a life of comfort for the people.

“So, this narrative on stability should not be confusing, same goes for the unity narrative. They ask to talk about unity, Malay unity, unity of the people, yes an independent country should be united but for what?” Anwar questioned.

The Parliamentary Opposition Leader said this was the reason the information involving the Pandora Papers was spread.

“The list (in Pandora Papers) is without exception, yes there was stability at the time, yes united at the time, but it was used to plunder wealth for them, not RM100 million, not RM200 million but billions which were to defend their positions,” he said, claiming that it was used to block a relatively progressive party such as PKR.

Anwar said this in his speech at the launch of the Johor PKR Election Machinery in Skudai last night.

Also present were PKR Central Elections Director Fuziah Salleh and PKR Johor State Election Director Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh.

Anwar who is the Pakatan Harapan Chairman claimed the powerful elites and conglomerates were afraid of the reforms demanded by the people and did their best to prevent them either openly or subtly.

“The Pandora Papers will become public and this involves many powerful elites,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, Anwar said the PKR election machinery in the Johor election, needed to convey to the people the real issues taking place nationwide.

“I emphasised to all candidates to plan their campaign strategy well with the local team, with strong support from the machinery outside Johor.

“We also reminded everyone that we cannot run away from talking about issues and the wishes of the people of Johor,” he said.