Look for a crime and Bank Negara is involved

Bank Negara Governor, Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus, and her boss, Ungku Zeti Akhtar Ungku Abdul Aziz, are two master-criminals. That’s because they have the skill to commit crimes and make it look like others are the ones committing them.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

(Borneo Post) — The Sessions Court here on Friday discharged a former deputy director of Sabah State Water Department not amounting to an acquittal from 146 money laundering charges. Judge Abu Bakar Manat made the order on Teo Chee Kong, 57, after the prosecution informed the court that they will not proceed with the cases. (READ MORE HERE)

Is it any surprise that this case is linked to certain politicians in power?

If you are aligned to those who walk in the corridors of power, you will have immunity. If not, they will fabricate criminal charges against you and jail you, even if there is no evidence of your guilt — and on the excuse you failed to prove your innocence in court (when it is the prosecution’s job to prove your guilt and not your job to prove your innocence).

This was what the Umno Court Cluster had hoped Muhyiddin Yassin would do (drop the criminal cases against them). When he did not, they dropped him instead. Muhyiddin’s mistake was he did not play ball. And for that he needed to be killed.

Today, Muhyiddin is revealing that Ahmad Zahid Hamidi went to see him and begged on his hands and knees for the PM’s help to save his ass. In fact, we already knew this story back in mid-2020.

Tapi apa kejadahnya baru sekarang nak dedah? We knew about this almost two years ago. And now that he is no longer PM8, baru nak cerita. A bit too late to lock the stable door after the horse has already bolted, is it not?

Anyway, back to the issue of ‘you are guilty if you are not my friend, and you have immunity if you are’.

PDRM, MACC, AGC, SC, BNM are all the same. They cari you sampai ke lubang cacing if you are not in their team, while you can get away with murder, sometimes even literally, if you are their family, crony, proxy, trustee, drinking buddy, sex buddy, gay partner, or, simply, partner-in-crime.

Do you know Malaysia was okay for the first 24 years after Merdeka under three prime ministers? Then, in 1981, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad took over, and in 1982 Anwar joined him, followed by Tun Daim Zainuddin in 1984. From that day on, Malaysia went to the dogs, until today.

In 1984, Mahathir brought Daim into the government as finance minister, and they launched a threesome (the Mahathir-Daim-Anwar orgy) to rob Malaysia. In 1991, when things got too hot (not only in Malaysia, but all over the world) Mahathir replaced Daim with Anwar as the finance minister.

Anwar’s job was to cover up the looting and plundering done by Mahathir and Daim (estimated at RM100-200 billion in total). Amongst the major looting that Anwar helped cover up involved various crimes committed by Bank Negara such as the FOREX disaster, the fake Malaysia Airlines (MAS) sale to Tajudin Ramli, and more.

In fact, the police officer who investigated the MAS crime, Ramli Yusuff, was arrested, as was his lawyer, Rosli Dahlan, whose only crime was to represent Ramli in court.

READ MORE HERE: The Ramli Yusuff Story: The Real Reason Why He Was Brought Down

In this FOREX-MAS crime, BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia) was involved and was in fact behind the whole thing — and an estimated RM40 billion was lost (which is worth RM90 billion today and far bigger than 1MDB’s losses).

But that crime has not ended yet. It is still going on. MAS was practically destroyed — compared to MAS’ ‘twin’, SIA (Singapore Airlines), which today is worth RM120 billion (in spite of two years of Covid-19 and the billions in losses due to it).

Yes, MAS and SIA were Siamese Twins until 1965 when they were separated. Since then MAS has been struggling to survive while SIA is the number two airline in the world.

Is this because the Chinese or the PAP government are running Singapore, or because Bank Negara is not operating in Singapore?

I would like to believe that this state of affairs is NOT because MAS is being run by Malays while SIA is being run by Chinese — or because Umno is running Malaysia while PAP is running Singapore.

No wonder many Malaysians prefer to live in Singapore than in Malaysia. I wonder whether Singapore would give me citizenship if I applied. Well…

Anyway, Bank Negara is to blame for the mess in Malaysia. Since 1990, every time there is a major scandal in Malaysia, Bank Negara and/or the top leadership of the bank are invariably involved or are behind it.

Bank Negara Governor, Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus, and her boss, Ungku Zeti Akhtar Ungku Abdul Aziz, are two master-criminals. That’s because they have the skill to commit crimes and make it look like others are the ones committing them.

What is interesting is there are moves to totally kill off MAS and replace Malaysia’s national airline with another creation. So watch this space for the moves Anthony Francis Fernandes of Capital A Bhd a.k.a. AirAsia is making, and the role Bank Negara is playing in a scandal that is going to be bigger than the 1MDB fiasco.

Sigh…the looting and plundering in Malaysia never ends. BN, PH, MN, PN, semua sama. Perompak, penyamun dan lanun. Maybe Singapore is a better place after all. Sometimes I wonder.