Muhyiddin Yassin: despised, loathed and all alone!

Australian citizen Hussein Hamid, MCKK classmate of Anwar Ibrahim and brother-in-law of former PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi gives his take on former PM Muhyiddin Yassin

The public humiliation of a pengkhianat continues. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is a beaten and bitter man. A politician without voters. A ketua without followers and a has been who never was! He now joins the list of our most hated, despised and loathed politicians that all of us has ever had the misfortune to know. A list headed by Kepit Man, the billionaire from Sarawak and that hidup segan mati tak mau politician from Gombak.

Revenge, they say, is a dish best served cold. By the grace of the heavens, the collusion of Umno and the good wishes of the many others betrayed, Muhyiddin Yassin has been frozen out of not only politics at the Federal level, but after PRN Johor, he is out in the cold….given the cold shoulder….he has been ousted out cold turkey, even out of Johor state politics. Less than year ago he was prime minister. Today Abah must be breaking out in a cold sweat because he cannot get a Cawangan, a Bahagian….what more a Negri, to want him as their leader. Did you think that Abah could really last the whole nine yards? Huh! It will be a cold day in hell if he ever did.

In 1995, Din left Johore state politics as corrupt as they come. Johore is still reeling from the ‘deals’ that Din pushed through during his time as MB. Land is a state matter and that mattered a lot to Din for it made him and is friends rich but left Johore with a lasting legacy that has coloured state politics elsewhere – the taking of state land for personal profit.

Then he stabbed Pak Lah, who considered him a trusted friend, in the back. Then as Deputy to Najib he stabbed Najib in the back too. Then with Tun Mahathir who picked him up from the gutter and again gave him political life. This guy is a serial back stabber.

Today Abah has no more backs to stab….well at least no significant back to stab.There is nobody in PN worth stabbing at! And nobody…nobody is going to turn his back on this man ever again. And when he no longer has anyone’s back to stab…he also has no more political life left. Political frogs can hop away to try and find a dark hole to hide in. A back stabber has no where to hide.

He became PM only because Umno said “OK”…and the deal was that an Umno man shall be DPM. You have to give Abah his due for reneging on that deal but he renege in that deal for self preservation. He then went on to try and build his own power base.

Any one who was willing to sell their soul and their mother in order to support Muhyiddin gets to become a Minister. And when he ran out of Ministers to give out appoint because his Cabinet was getting ridiculously over staffed, he appointed others to post with “Ministerial status”. Hell he even managed to give that “Ministerial status” status to the leader of the Opposition! Never have our nations seen so many inept ministers, deputy ministers, people with ministerial status and heads of GLC’s as those appointed by Abah in his short stint as a PM. And all of them drawing salaries that would even make a Sultan salivate in envy!

This self serving orgy of putting inept politicians in Cabinet and anywhere else he can find or make a place for them, and paying them hideously fat salaries is simply untenable. How long can Abah last as PM? Less that two years – 17 months to be exact!

All that is left for this Tan Sri is wait to be kicked out of Pagoh, kicked out of Johor, and wait for Bersatu to implode. Or wait until he is kicked out of Bersatu by the same pengkhianats that used him as their poster boy at Langkah Sheraton. And when that is done…not if it is done but when it is done….it will be proof positive that even in the dog eat dog world of Malaysian politics, you need first to be a dog if you want to be accepted by the other dogs. And even dogs are wary when there is among them, a serial back stabber like this back stabber from Pagoh.

With each passing day, Umno’s day of reckoning vis a vis Tan Sri Mahyuddin Yassin, draws near. By the time the Johor PRN is done, so will Mahyuddin. He is now being roasted over an open fire for everyone to see. Dismantling Bersatu is not enough for those who have a score to settle with Muhyiddin. Muhyiddin’s wings have to be cut. Then he is to be tarred, feathered and humiliated and like a headless chicken running ka sana ka sini, Muhyiddin will suffer the ultimate insult for any politicians – to be rejected by his own state and constituency!

The prime minister with no clothes in Putrajaya is now being stripped again of his clothes – this time humiliatingly in his own home state of Johor. Umno is not a political party to be trifled with and this, Muhyiddin can reflect, at his leisure in the coming days after Umno has had their way with him. Muhyiddin will certainly rue the day when he allowed those Pengkhianats to hoist him onto their shoulder and parade him around as their traitor in chief of Langkah Sheraton. Enough said.

Hussein Hamid, Melbourne