Better for Umno to go solo after being stabbed in the back by Bersatu, says Puad

(FMT) – It is better for Umno to move forward alone than to be with Perikatan Nasional because the coalition lacks political integrity, Umno Supreme Council member Puad Zarkashi said.

Responding to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s criticism of Umno yesterday, Puad said the party did not seem concerned about Bersatu “stabbing Umno in the back”, as had happened in Sabah.

Although Puad did not elaborate, he is believed to be referring to speculation that Bersatu had put up independent candidates to compete against Umno’s candidates in the Sabah state elections in 2020.

“PAS is not bothered about that as it is not at the losing end. So what Malay unity is PAS hoping for if Bersatu’s intention is to finish off Umno through PN?” Puad said in a statement.

Against the backdrop of the forthcoming Johor state elections, Hadi had reminded Umno that it had been “saved” by his party after the last general election.

Hadi had likened Umno to a “duck with a broken leg” which was ungrateful and sought to abandon PAS after it had recovered from its defeat, describing its action as both immoral and improper.

Umno and PAS had become partners under the Muafakat Nasional (MN) framework after GE14.

“Actually, PAS is the one that weakened MN when it joined Perikatan Nasional,” said Puad.

Puad said PAS was suitably impressed after its leaders were offered ministerial posts. “PAS was even willing to sideline two or three of its top leaders, who are pro-MN.”

Puad said PAS would become ”a duck with both legs broken” if it worked with Bersatu, which he said was dominated by “political frogs”.

“Actually, it is difficult to be friends with PAS,” he said, noting that Hadi had claimed the Umno-backed BN had now become “irrelevant”.