PKR using own logo tells of a ‘disintegrating’ PH, says analyst

“I think it’s PKR’s problem. They tend to blame their losses on everyone else but themselves. They don’t face their own problems.”

(FMT) – Pakatan Harapan’s decision to let PKR use its own logo in the upcoming Johor elections – while Amanah and DAP contest under the PH banner – is a sign of a “disintegrating coalition”, according to a political analyst.

Oh Ei Sun of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs said the decision spoke volumes about disunity in PH, especially after the coalition’s heavy loss in the Melaka polls in November.

PH won only five of the 28 seats up for grabs in Melaka, where it contested under the coalition’s banner, with. DAP winning four, Amanah one and PKR none.

Oh said he expected DAP and Amanah to be disappointed in PKR president Anwar Ibrahim for the decision on the use of party logos, since the two components looked to him as a uniting factor as the PH chairman, but the issue was being raised by his own party.

Oh Ei Sun.

“They might as well go their separate ways. What’s the point of forming the PH coalition?” he told FMT. “I think it’s PKR’s problem. They tend to blame their losses on everyone else but themselves. They don’t face their own problems.”

He said what truly mattered were the PH supporters’ disillusionment and disappointment after the signing of the memorandum of understanding with the government.

He also ridiculed the argument that PH’s flag was not as widely known as PKR’s, pointing out that the coalition banner had the words “Pakatan Harapan” imprinted on it.

“What can be clearer than that?” he asked. “Let them test their PKR flag out in Johor and they will see whether their logo is as strong as they claim it to be.”

Yesterday, Anwar said the PH presidential council had agreed to allow PKR to use its own logo in the Johor elections while Amanah and DAP would contest under the PH banner.

PKR strategic director Sim Tze Tzin said this was an important decision, adding that he had “first-hand experience” from PKR’s wipe-out in the Melaka polls.

Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid.

Subang MP Wong Chen said PKR’s move was not unusual, pointing out that DAP and Amanah had opted against using the PH banner during the Sabah elections in 2020. Instead, they contested under the Warisan flag.

Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid of Universiti Sains Malaysia agreed that the decision to go with different logos was a sign of disunity within the coalition, saying DAP and Amanah had the right to be disappointed.

“The fault lies with the PH components for not making the PH brand better known than their individual party,” he said, adding that the different flags used during the Johor elections could be their undoing.

“If they can’t find a common solution over the banner under which they are supposed to be united, do you think we can hope for a cohesive government should they be voted into power?”