Warisan to contest all seats in Penang in GE15

Warisan plans to contest all the state and parliamentary seats in Penang in the 15th general election.

(FMT) – The party’s state coordinator, Jeff Ooi, said more people from different political backgrounds were expected to cross over to the party.

He said he hoped to recruit 50% of its members from young professionals, including leaders from top corporations.

“We are not going to be trapped with sloganeering like our old party. We will not antagonise others. We are looking for like-minded partners and youths to join us,” the former two-term DAP Jelutong MP said at a press conference today.

“Not one seat should be forsaken. We will contest all.”

Ooi said he was aware that Penangites would be sceptical over Warisan but felt it could win them over given time.

He said the party would make strategic alliances with other parties who shared common goals and ideals.

He said he and former Batu Lanchang assemblyman Danny Law left DAP after “waiting by the benches” and watching Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) 22 months in power culminate in a power struggle that saw three prime ministers come to power.

The political instability had cost the country economically, he said.

“We felt hurt. Law told me we had to do something. At that time, we were not given a chance to contribute.

“We thought why not Warisan since we are both ardent multiracial, inclusive party idealists.

“The reality is PH no longer holds those values. After 22 months, we do not see where they were going and they have no unified voice to move forward,” he said.

Ooi said Warisan, whose ultimate goal was to take over Putrajaya, was not sitting on its laurels after it persuaded independent Selangor assemblyman Bryan Lai, also formerly with DAP, to join its fold recently.

He hinted that a sitting Penang assemblyman might do the same.

Ooi said that with Undi18 and automatic voter registration, the electorate’s diversity had changed with more young people deciding the future of the nation.

“We expect the general election to be held by the end of the year. Our runway is very short, but our delivery of reforms under our election agenda is huge. So we’ll go all-out,” he said.