Warisan aiming to recruit 8 PH politicians in Penang

“We are expecting not just former DAP men, but good, experienced political heavyweights from PKR and Gerakan to join us soon.

(FMT) – Warisan is expected to bring in at least eight “heavyweight” politicians from Pakatan Harapan into its fold in the next few weeks.

Goh Chun Keong.

A source said senior DAP politician Danny Law Heng Kiang, who quit the party yesterday, was expected to lead the Penang chapter of Warisan, with the likes of former MPs Jeff Ooi and Ng Wei Aik tagging along.

Penang Warisan coordinator Goh Chun Keong was coy when asked if this was the case.

“We are expecting not just former DAP men, but good, experienced political heavyweights from PKR and Gerakan to join us soon.

“So you will know in a week or so,” he told FMT.

When contacted, Ooi declined comment while Ng said, “Not true.”

Danny Law Heng Kiang.

Commenting on this new development, political analyst Dr Azeem Fazwan Ahmad Farouk said even if Warisan brought in politicians from other PH components, it would not make a dent in Penang’s PH-dominated politics.

He said this was because Warisan was new and despite importing experienced political hands, winning over an astute Penang electorate was highly unlikely.

However, Azeem said Warisan’s entry was well-timed as local civil society was hoping for a “third force” in politics as they had grown fed up with existing political brands.

He said Warisan could make inroads only if it partnered with “legacy parties” such as Gerakan in the coming polls.

Jeff Ooi.

The Universiti Sains Malaysia’s Centre for Policy Research and International Studies director added that if a strong third force emerged, DAP’s winning streak in Penang might be broken in the coming general election.

Political analyst Oh Ei Sun said Warisan might be an alternative for those in Penang who were fed up with DAP and other political parties.

He said voters were beginning to see DAP as being too friendly with the present government through the signing of a political cooperation agreement.

Ng Wei Aik.

Oh said this had left DAP voters “disappointed and disillusioned” and it might force them to boycott future polls altogether. This could result in a low voter turnout, as seen in the recent Melaka and Sarawak polls.

“It is to these DAP cohorts that Warisan is presenting itself as an alternative choice. But it remains to be seen how large such cohorts are in Penang,” he said.

Oh said Warisan would likely take over PKR seats in Penang, given that the party was “on the verge of implosion” at the central level.

“On the other hand, Warisan will hardly make any headway in the Malay heartlands.”