The reality of the Hindu-Muslim rivalry

Malaysians need to accept the reality that Muslims at best can tolerate non-Islamic religions but can never accept other religions as equals or non-inferior to Islam. Pluralism is not part of Islamic teachings, so it is a waste of time trying to push for equality.

G Vinod, Focus Malaysia

IRATE with the constant attacks levelled against non-Muslims, Global Human Rights Federation said they are planning to seek an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, al-Sultan Abdullah Almarhum Sultan Ahmad Shah soon to find a solution to the matter.

“We are also planning to seek audience with other Rulers as well to highlight our grievances. In the meantime, we are going to send a memorandum to the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) in two weeks’ time,” its president S Shashi Kumar told FocusM.

Yesterday, his NGO and others lodged police reports against Islamic preacher Idris Sulaiman for uttering derogatory words against Hindu temples when commenting on reports where a group of undergraduates from the Islamic University Malaysia in Gombak (IIUM) had helped clean up a Hindu temple in Taman Klang Utama, which was affected by flood waters.

According to Idris, there are only two religions; one is Hezbollah (religion of God) and the other Hezbo Syaitan (religion of the Devil).

He then jested that since Muslims were okay cleaning up non-Muslim places of worship, then they should also organise themselves to clean up discos, gambling dens and pigsty.

“And don’t complain it cannot be done because the places are considered haram and unclean. I wish to remind Muslims that syirik (heresy) is the most abominable of all sins and we should stay away from it,” Idris was seen saying in a video.

This is not the first time Shashi Kumar had lodged a police report against an Islamic preacher. Last year, he lodged police reports against another preacher Syakir Nasoha, who had claimed that Hindus and Buddhists are bent to destroying Islam. He had also alleged that Dayaks were committing atrocities against Muslims in Papua New Guinea.

Until today, the police have yet to detain or charge Syakir for his provocative remarks.

Touching on the attacks against non-Muslims, Shashi Kumar alleged that there may be a collusion between the State and religious authorities to undermine non-Muslims for vested interest.

“The attacks against non-Muslims have been increasing since 2017 in the name of comparative religion. Under the guise of making comparison, they hurl insults and falsehood on other religions.

“But JAKIM goes around saying that Muslims are being insulted by non-Muslims, alleging that their Prophet is being vilified. Using that as an excuse, they call for tougher punishments to be imposed against non-Muslims.

“However, it is all a lie. What is happening is that non-Muslims are reacting towards the incendiary comments made by these unscrupulous Islamic preachers amongst their followers. However, those who react towards it gets apprehended by the authorities, not the ones who provoked it,” he stated.

The NGO leader added that they have no choice but to seek redress from the Malay Rulers as the authorities refused to act on the preachers, which emboldened them to spread more lies and hate.

Islamic preachers, the real culprits causing polarisation

With that, Shashi Kumar took pot shots at several right-wing Malay NGOs who were filing legal suits against vernacular schools on grounds the latter was being divisive and unconstitutional.

“Their hypocrisy against non-Muslims have been laid bare for everyone to see. They accuse vernacular schools of promoting disunity but have you heard them even squeak against the incendiary Islamic preachers?

“I say to all. The real culprit spreading division and polarisation in multiracial Malaysia are these dubious Islamic preachers. Vernacular schools are being made scape goat,” he stressed.

On the temple issue, Shashi Kumar said that while the flood catastrophe was devastating, it brought Malaysians of all races and religions together to help one another.

At Taman Sri Muda, he added, his NGO had provided food to over 250 residents, with 65% of the aid recipients being Malays.

“The cooperation and compassion of Malaysians got highlighted across all media platforms during the flood and its aftermath.

“But just because this one idiot (Idris) made a comment on Muslims cleaning up a temple, it tarnished the good works of others.

“In any case, Idris claimed that the Muslims volunteers went up there to clean the idols. Any Hindu will know that the inner sanctum of a temple, where the main deity lies, is a no-entry area except for the temple’s high priest,” Shashi Kumar remarked.