Up for grabs: rainforests, logging licences being offered online openly

Listings include gazetted reserve forests meant for protection

(The Vibes) – The floods that recently hit Malaysia have intensified questions about the extent to which the nation’s forests, particularly in Pahang and states with vast tracts of woodlands, are being preserved and protected.

The high waters brought along debris that included fully logged or chopped trees, suggesting rampant deforestation and felling in and around rainforests – including areas marked as forest reserves.

In a shocking discovery, it has been found that land meant for lumbering and licences for logging is being openly offered online.

Even more worryingly, the areas peddled for cutting down trees like the precious meranti include forest reserves, even though the designation means they are to be protected to preserve their flora, fauna, wildlife and ecosystems.

The forest reserves found to be eyed for felling include the Sg Nipah Forest Reserve and Ulu Jelai Forest Reserve, which brim with numerous rare and common species of flora and fauna.

On a website called majalah.com, The Vibes sighted numerous postings where forest lands are being advertised for logging activities.

Typing “balak Pahang” (Pahang timber) on the website’s search box revealed at least 100 advertisements.

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