Nearly 96% of Malaysians seek political funding reforms: UM study

Highest support for change among older respondents, govt officials

(The Vibes) – An overwhelming majority of Malaysian adults of various backgrounds believe reforms to the local political funding system are needed amid the nation’s struggle with the corruption scourge, a University of Malaya (UM) study found.

According to the study, 95.56% of Malaysians polled agreed that political funding reforms should be on the cards.

The report of the study, titled Voices From The Ground: The Corruption Complex in Malaysia, was conducted by UM’s International Institute of Public Policy and Management (Inpuma).

It found that the categories of respondents who showed the highest support stood among those aged 51 and above, as well as state and federal government officials.

Based on racial profiles, 96.26% of Malays polled agreed to the proposition of funding reforms. 93.33% of Chinese respondents agreed, while 90% from the Indian community agreed.

Across all employment sectors, 95.56% agreed with the notion of the reforms.

The survey found that 100% of both state and federal government officers supported the view, while 94.44% of the respondents who favoured the idea came from the education industry.

Among those from other sectors, 93.75% supported seeing changes to political funding.

Moreover, those aged between 51 and 60, as well as those who are 60 and above, showed 100% support, followed by the 41-50 bracket (95.92%), and the 31-40 group (89.66%).

The youngest group, aged between 18 and 30, showed 95% support.

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