Religious extremism, racism and corruption are biggest threats to national unity, says Guan Eng

Lim Guan Eng repeats DAP’s 56-year old anti-Umno/anti-PAS “new year message”

(MMO) – The recent High Court ruling on vernacular schools was crucial in preserving the legitimate rights of non-Malays within the social contract that gave independence and eventually led to the formation of Malaysia, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said today.

He was earlier referring to the High Court ruling on Wednesday that Malaysia’s vernacular schools were consistent with its Federal Constitution, when rejecting a lawsuit seeking for the government to abolish education using Mandarin and Tamil.

In his New Year message, Lim said religious extremism, racism and systemic corruption are among the biggest threats towards national unity and integration between Malaysians that hindered balanced economic development and equitable economic growth.

“The reliance on provoking the sentiments against minorities are deliberately aimed at dividing the people to distract attention from the abject failures of governance and fighting corruption.

“Whilst this may not put a stop to extremists and racists trying to burn down the Federal Constitution, it is ordinary Malaysians regardless of race, religion and background that will ultimately prevail in defeating them,” he said in a statement.

Of note, Lim claimed the aforementioned failures included the mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic by the federal government which resulted in some 2.7 million infections and some 31,000 deaths nationwide.

He also cited the recent flooding that ravaged peninsular Malaysia the weekend before Christmas as as another example of failure, where racial sentiments were stoked after the motives of non-Muslims volunteers in providing aid to Muslim flood victims were deliberately questioned.

“Fortunately, Malays and Muslims have come out to condemn such extremism giving hope for a Malaysia that is open-minded, moderate and tolerant.

“Malaysians coming together in the recent flood disaster to help each other is encouraging and reminds us that we belong to one big Malaysian family, that is not artificially manipulated for political purposes.

“Let us celebrate our differences that make Malaysia unique. Unity in diversity will bring about greater economic progress, permit everyone to realise their potential and make the dreams of our young come true,” he said.