Accept gurdwara food with gratitude, Muslims told

A sociologist has denounced Muslims who question the halal status of vegetarian food offered by the Sikh community to flood victims.

(FMT) – “Malaysians must reject and condemn such ingratitude and insolence,” said Syed Farid Alatas of the National University of Singapore.

He also said such an attitude was “irreligious and cruel”.

“It may cause confusion among some flood victims who are inclined to accept food aid prepared or given by Sikhs,” he told FMT.

Some gurdwaras in Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya have been providing free vegetarian food to those affected by floods over the weekend.

However, several people have asked whether the food was halal.

Farid, a Malaysian, said there was no reason to doubt the cleanliness and halal status of the food.

“The vegetarian food they serve is extremely healthy and the Sikhs’ gesture to help people is admirable,” he said.

He added that the doubters lacked the “civilised mentality” needed to recognise the good in others and appreciate their kind gestures.

Tawfik Ismail, a former MP, gave this advice to those who would rather starve than eat or drink what was sincerely offered: “It’s your choice, but God gifted Muslims and non-Muslims with brains. Use them to think.”

He said trust should be a guiding principle when one was receiving food.

“Ask Allah to sanction the food with the Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim invocation before you eat,” he said.

Speaking to FMT, he told Muslims to be gracious in accepting the good intentions of non-Muslims, saying good intentions were true to the Islamic values of charity and compassion.