Govt may lose credibility, votes if it fails to manage floods effectively: analysts

People will assess whether it is focused on their welfare or on positions and power, says lecturer

(The Vibes) – The federal government led by Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob will face issues trying to gain the people’s trust and affection, as well as the possibility of losing votes in the 15th general election (GE15), if it fails to manage and address issues related to the floods, said analysts.

Political analyst and lecturer Lee Yok Fee said that the recent natural disaster will make the people assess exactly what the focus of the government is, and whether it really wants to protect their welfare or if its only goal is to gain positions and power.

“There is definitely (an effect). This involves their performance, so it is certain that the people will assess how and what the focus of the government is right now.

“Many notice that current politicians now just want to stay in power and to maintain the status quo for the sake of their positions,” he said when contacted by The Vibes’ sister portal Getaran.

Lee said this when asked to comment on the possible impact on the government following its alleged mismanagement of the situation, after public accusations that the authorities were not serious and were late in coming to aid victims affected by the floods that hit Klang Valley last Saturday.

Affected members of the public have also disputed and expressed anger at the attitude of some of the government leaders who failed to turn up, were slow to survey areas impacted by the floods, and failed to inquire further about the situation.

The slogan and hashtag #rakyatjagarakyat was also widely spread and shared on communication channels, especially on social media, to encourage the public to play a bigger role and unite to help rescue or alleviate the burden of the victims, following the unreliability of authorities.

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