My sole aim of working with Anwar in GE14 was to oust Najib, says Dr Mahathir

(FMT) – Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he decided to work with Anwar Ibrahim despite knowing that “the man had no idea how to govern the country” because their common goal was to oust Najib Razak, according to his latest book.

In a section of his book, titled My Friend Anwar, the former prime minister wrote that he had his reasons to be displeased with Anwar but felt that what Najib had done to “his country” was much worse.

“This is why in 2017, I decided to work with Anwar. Fortunately, our goals were aligned as far as ousting Najib was concerned, and we succeeded,” he said in his book.

The book, Capturing Hope: The Struggle Continues for a New Malaysia, was officially launched today.

Mahathir also talked about how Anwar had pressured him indirectly to step down from the prime minister’s position.

He said after the fall of Najib, he had promised he would step down before the next general election.

“I only needed extra time to resolve some of the more complicated problems we were facing. Other members of the coalition were gracious enough to allow me this.

“They did not force me to step down. It was only Anwar who was putting pressure on me to leave sooner.”

He then goes on to criticise Anwar on his leadership capabilities, saying that from his past experience, he knew “the man had no idea how to govern the country”.

“Anwar might think otherwise. He might even consider himself capable but, as it turned out, he was not the factor that caused the backdoor coup.”

He said there was talk about setting up a Malay-Muslim government, the moment Pakatan Harapan (PH) won the elections.

“But I never thought it would happen. I could not see how it could happen. Pakatan Harapan had a good majority. Yes, there were differences of opinion but we were working well together, especially in the Cabinet.

“Besides, I could not imagine Bersatu leaving Pakatan Harapan,” he said.

Mahathir said when there was talk about a backdoor government, he dismissed it as “wishful thinking on the part of a minority of people”.

“But as fate would have it, the Sheraton Move took place and both Anwar and the much-maligned DAP were dispensed with,” he said.

The Perikatan Nasional government came to power following the collapse of the 22-month old PH administration after Bersatu pulled out of the coalition.