DAP, stop that racist song!

In every election, DAP and PH would bring their race-religion incitement politics from Semenanjung to Sarawak.

And it is no different this time around.

Their propaganda this time is that GPS is undermining the multi-cultural, multi-religion harmony of Sarawak by being in the Federal Government with BN and PAS.

Their propaganda completely ignores the stellar track record that GPS has in maintaining race-religious harmony in Sarawak since decades ago until Sarawak is widely acknowledged to be the most harmonious and tolerant territory in Malaysia.

All these parties have to do is to come to Sarawak, open their eyes and see how our various ethnic groups regardless of religion have enjoyed this peace and harmony that is envied by the rest of Malaysia.

PH and DAP also continue to ignore that under the 20 points agreement and the MA63 agreement, in which Sarawak has full autonomy over finance, religion and language use which GPS will defend until the very end.

PH and DAP have also forgotten that they were partners with PAS in the previous Sarawak elections, but now they accuse us of undermining Sarawak harmony?

And how can GPS be accused of collaborating with PAS to undermine Sarawak’s multi-ethnic harmony when PAS is contesting against GPS in this election?

The aim of GPS’ collaboration with the Federal Government is to provide political stability to the country and to safeguard and to guarantee Sarawak’s rights and development – areas which PH and DAP had failed to do so when they were the ruling Federal Government for 22 months.

Sarawakians will never forget how they had sought to delay the development of the Pan Borneo Highway including cancelling phase 2 of the highway, the cancellation of 3 bridges, the denial of the budgeted RM1 billion funds to repair schools in Sarawak and the broken promises of 20% of oil royalty to be returned to Sarawak which forced the GPS government to impose sales tax on Petronas.

We have not forgotten and we will never forget. Neither will Sarawakians.

Other than development and progress, GPS’ involvement in the Federal Government had also safeguarded harmony and religious tolerance for Sarawak.

A recent example is GPS’ active involvement in ensuring that the Federal new alcohol licensing and alcohol sales restrictions was cancelled.

As a side-note, we would also like to point out that the recent Timah whisky controversy was also started by DAP’s partner, Parti Amanah Negara, and further instigated by a PKR MP who said in parliament that drinking Timah whisky is like ‘drinking a Malay woman’.

Where was DAP’s voice then?

I am confident that Sarawakians have become tired and can see through the same old, same old race religion instigation tactics that PH and DAP brings from Semenanjung in every Sarawak elections and will reject them in the upcoming polls.

The reality is and track-record shows that the GPS government has and will continue to defend and preserve religious tolerance in Sarawak as our core unifying factor.

The records show that the GPS government’s policy on religious tolerance had been consistent from the time of previous chief ministers.

GPS trusts that the people will not be influenced by the tactic of casting doubt and aspersion on the government’s stance, but will continue to stand firm to protect race and religious unity in Sarawak.

The assistance given to all religions through the Unit for Other Religions (Unifor) was a testimony to our government’s policy. Sarawak is the only place in the entire Malaysia with this UNIFOR unit.

Let GPS’ track-record on race religion harmony speak for itself.

As for PH and DAP, let us remind you of the first 3 promises of our Sarawak 2021 elections manifesto:

1. Assure the Stability and Political Autonomy of Sarawak.

2. Safeguard and Protect Sarawak’s Rights in Accordance with the Federal Constitution, Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), the Sarawak State Constitution and the Sarawak State Laws.

3. Guarantee Equal Rights of All Sarawakians.

Unlike them, we believe that manifestos promises are made to be kept and delivered, and never to be broken.

Dato’ Sri Haji Fadillah Haji Yusof

Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) Chief Whip

PBB Senior Vice-President

Senior Minister of Works