Cautioning DAP against becoming non-Malay harbour, Chin Tong says ‘Middle Malaysia’ is only way

A political landscape that made DAP the go-to party exclusively for non-Malays could be disastrous to nation building efforts and further perpetuate racial stigmas, warned party strategist Liew Chin Tong.

(MMO) – In his analysis of the current political situation, Liew pushed for a “Middle” Malaysia — an ideology that adopts a more progressive and inclusive outlook towards governing the country — as the best way forward towards building a better nation.

He said parties like his own should not be construed as contrarian and permanent residents in the Opposition bench, but must become advocates of a middle ground to represent the voices of all Malaysians and not just the non-Malays.

“It is both electorally fatal and terribly bad for nation building to advocate DAP for the non-Malays only, with Malays being mere token in the party.

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