Melaka polls: independent candidate promised ‘generous gift’ if he withdraws

Running for Asahan constituency, man allegedly enticed by representative of certain party

(The Vibes) – Perhaps concerned that a six-cornered fight in Asahan will split the votes and reduce their chances of success, a certain candidate from among the main parties has purportedly urged one of the independent hopefuls to withdraw from contesting.

In return, the independent candidate was allegedly promised “a generous gift”.

Speaking to The Vibes, independent Mohd Akhir Ayob said he received a phone call yesterday afternoon from an unknown number saying he represents a candidate from a particular party.

“I told him I am busy with my people. He said he wanted to meet me, and I told him to come to Pekan Nyalas in Asahan, but he said he wanted to meet at my house.

“I told him no, don’t involve my family. When I asked him what the meeting was about, he asked me to give the opportunity to the party that is more qualified to lead,” he said today.

Akhir said he told the person on the line that the reason he contested was based on the calls made by villagers.

When asked if any offer was made to him to drop his candidacy, Akhir said: “The person on the line told me something interesting awaits me if I can withdraw from contesting. He didn’t say what, but he said there will be something.”

He said, as he was busy, he hung up, but attempts to reach out to the individual later that evening failed.

Akhir, however, did not disclose the name of the candidate or party.

He maintained that he will not be “bought” by any party, and has reiterated his commitment to continue fighting in the polls.

“I don’t intend to take any gift. The people of Asahan are upset with the state of our constituency, and I want to represent their voice.”

The three candidates contesting under a coalition banner are Barisan Nasional’s Fairul Nizam Roslan, Pakatan Harapan’s Datuk Seri Idris Haron, and Perikatan Nasional’s Dhanesh Basil.

Aside from Akhir, the other two independent candidates are Azhar Abd Hamid and Mohd Noor Salleh.