How Long Does £1000 Lasts In Malaysia. A Study Says 91 Days

With an average annual income of £7,723 (RM43,962), it takes approximately 34 days on average to earn a thousand pounds in Malaysia. The average daily income in the country is £30 (RM169), which puts Malaysia 11 on the list of countries where you have to work the longest to earn £1000.

(Augustman) – Ever wondered why money seems to slip through your hands every month? Well, a recent study by has analysed how much £1000 lasts in various countries around the world. In their findings, they found that in Malaysia, that amount will last approximately 91 days as cost of living in the country is equivalent to £11.01 (RM63.11) a day. It is the 6th longest amount of time in the world.

Earning Versus Spending

The study by analysed the daily cost of living and average income in developed nations around the world to reveal where in the world £1000 lasts the longest. They also reveal which country earns that figure the fastest.

how long £1000 lasts According to the study, Colombia is the nation where £1000 will last you the longest, 109 days in total. The average cost of living per day in Colombia is £9.19 (just under £10 lower than the worldwide average of £19.13). Consequently, £1000 will last you longer here than anywhere else.

Colombia is also where it takes the longest to earn the same amount. The daily average income is £16.23 so in total it will take 62 days to earn £1000. Turkey is the only other country where daily living costs are under £10 (£9.72 in total).

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