Uproar in Pakatan fold over leaders’ chumminess with Melaka 4

Selayang MP William Leong, Lim Kit Siang call on coalition bosses to reject ‘traitorous’ reps

(The Vibes) – The “casual flirtation” of the Melaka Four with Pakatan Harapan have ignited a backlash from members of its coalition parties, with calls to soundly reject the quartet from using the opposition banner.

PKR’s Selayang MP William Leong said the Melaka Four should run as independents so they can be either vindicated or condemned by their voters.

“If PH/PKR allow these four assemblymen to contest under its ticket, there will be a tremendous negative fallout from voters. PH/PKR will stand condemned for conspiring, abetting and soliciting with traitors. They will lose all the moral authority to speak out against the betrayal of the peoples’ mandate, the evils of defection and the sincerity of enacting anti-hopping laws in the memorandum of understanding.

“Second, the PH/PKR political brand will be tarnished beyond repair. These four assemblymen come from parties that support racial politics and the ideology of upholding Malay supremacy. This means the coalition is no more than a political opportunist looking for office, the perks and power that come with it and not looking to implement change.

“In working with defectors, PH/PKR does not respect the sanctity of the voters’ mandate nor the value of political stability or the proper functioning of parliamentary democracy. That PH/PKR cares more about office and power than reform and the people’s welfare,” he said in a statement today.

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