FAKE NEWS FROM MALAYSIAKINI AND FMT: EC denies only fully vaccinated allowed to vote in Melaka polls

(Malaysia Now) – The Election Commission (EC) has denied that only fully vaccinated voters will be allowed to take part in the upcoming state polls in Melaka.

In a statement, the EC also said it had yet to finalise the Covid-19 SOPs for the Nov 20 election.

“The SOPs will be guided by the views and advice of the National Security Council, health ministry and police from time to time,” it said.

Earlier, at least two news portals had reported that the state election would only be open to voters who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

When contacted, a source in the EC told MalaysiaNow that the reports were not true.

“We cannot stop eligible voters who are not vaccinated from voting. This would be unconstitutional since the government has not mandated vaccination,” it said