Freight forwarders asked to disappear in order to feed unsuccessful entrepreneurs

This move, this brazen action has no balance. It is the very definition of imbalance. It is akin to the local gangster taking over the store you built over the years with blood, sweat and tears with the excuse it would really improve his bank balance.

Praba Ganesan, The Malay Mail Online

William Munny stares icily at Sheriff Little Bill Daggett lying in a pool of blood, bullet-riddled and dying. The kill shot is forthcoming. Little Bill goes, “I don’t deserve this.” Munny replies, “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it,” before ending him.

The climax of Oscar winner Unforgiven relates eerily to the Malay Right’s demand to monopolise local freight forwarding.

Reason, fairness and honesty are unnecessary when the Malay elites — sorry, the rich Malay elites — want more. Everyone should step aside and let them thrive further. Those luxury cars and watches are not going to move out of the showrooms on their own, are they?

By the end of 2022, local freight forwarders must be Bumiputera. The rest, over the next 15 months, can sell or liquidate.

The oft repeated line to this development, raise Bumiputera equity to 51 per cent of said firms, masks that such alteration results in ownership transfer.

The ministry of finance and its minister decided this without the need to make valid arguments. Apparently, there was a schedule and review, and the third of Malaysians undeserving of Bumiputera status, should soon in the name of distributive justice not compete in this trade.

What would they do after, to stay legitimately in the industry?

They can work in a logistics company, share decades of experience and knowledge, they just cannot own one. There is a chance to get a performance bonus if things go well. From owner to star employee.

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