Are we really family, PM? – P. Gunasegaram

Why has the government continued to delay this adjustment for so many years, which would show a truer picture of the situation? Obviously, this is to show that Bumiputera participation in the corporate sector has still not been fulfilled at 30% of corporate value under the original New Economic Policy.

P. Gunasegaram, The Vibes

Or are new policies just a continuation of the same old economic rewards in return for political support and favours?

WHEN Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob asked all Malaysians to sort out problems as “Keluarga Malaysia”, a term he repeatedly used in his inaugural address as prime minister on August 22, did he really mean it? Or is he just another prime minister using just another platitude to cut it with Malaysians?

Some events ranging from unreasonable Bumiputera equity requirements for freight forwarders, Bumiputera shares that can’t be sold to others, and a RM30 million renovation to his official residence clearly do not jive with this idea of being one big family, certainly not a happy one.

He puts considerable lip service to the concept of “Keluarga Malaysia” – he even used the term at the recent United Nations General Assembly, saying he sees humankind is one big extended family and that we have to work together in the spirit of a world family. But practice indicates that the concept of family is not always on his mind, making nonsense of the notion that we are family.

With respect to the equity requirement conditions, it arises out of a false assertion that Bumiputera equity participation in the corporate sector is just 17.2%, as disclosed in the latest 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) document.

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