12th Malaysia Plan will fail and Malaysia is a joke, says Opposition

)FMT) – An opposition MP today was left wondering what factors would guarantee the success of the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP), noting that the five-year plan was similar to its predecessors.

DAP’s Tony Pua said the 12MP was the initiatives outlined in the document, which was tabled yesterday, and was about 80% identical to the 11th and 10th Malaysia Plan.

“If that is the case, what are the factors that will ensure the success of the 12MP?

“The previous plans had failed to achieve their objectives,” the Damansara representative said when debating the document in the Dewan Rakyat.

He went on to question what specific policies that were different from the previous versions could be implemented under 12MP.

Pua said Putrajaya must study the reasons the previous plans failed and make their findings public.

Once the reasons are identified and understood, only then could the policies be amended or refined to ensure the plan meets its objectives.

“If we do not ask, we won’t get answers as to why the previous plans failed, and the 12MP will also fail.”

Pua said it was unfortunate that specific plans were not included in the 12MP.

“Therefore, I can only conclude that even though the 12MP is filled with various proposals which should be supported, it would fail like the rest as the country is still led by the same ministers who turned Malaysia into a joke.”