Local broadcasters warned by Censorship Board against displaying undergarments in home shopping shows

Two local broadcasters were recently instructed by the Film Censorship Board (LPF) to stop displaying male and female innerwear in their respective home shopping segments.

(MMO) – In the letters to the broadcasters sighted by Malay Mail, LPF claimed that displaying the garments — even when a model was never involved — is allegedly indecent and offensive, and therefore goes against its guidelines and code of conduct.

“The Ministry is of the view that although the advertisement do not show undergarments worn live by a model and do not involve any indecent visual displays, advertising ‘undergarments’ will still offend the community, especially those related to race, religion, gender, and age.

“Furthermore, the requirement to preserve manners, decency, and the sensitivities of a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society in Malaysia is of utmost importance,” said LPF, which falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs, in a notice to one of the broadcasters dated September 3.

“Therefore, this Ministry is of the view that the aforementioned content advertising innerwear is inappropriate to be shown for general viewing… and all broadcasts similar like this should be discontinued immediately,” it added.

Despite LPF’s assertion, checks by Malay Mail showed that the male and female undergarments displayed in the home shopping shows were merely put on racks, or mannequins, rather than on any live model.

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