Clare Rewcastle Brown spars with Tengku Mahkota Johor

Let us see how Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, the Tengku Mahkota of Johor, is going to respond to Clare Rewcastle Brown’s attack in her posting “Taking From The People – Johor Crown Prince Accuses Others!”

(Sarawak Report) – This chubby, no longer so young royal clearly lacks the imagination to understand what a lack of total impunity must be like for normal mortals.

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He can’t conceive how it might feel to face jail if one can’t lay hands on an extraordinary sum of money in a matter of days because:

a) whatever he does (and there is much bruised testimony to his actions over the years) he knows he will get away with it and

b) his family coffers are limitless and able to sustain any amount of bail you care to mention several times over.

So, in turning to others for help to escape what he convincingly terms as a politically motivated incarceration Syed Saddiq is merely acting a “Drama Queen’ as the pampered prince would have it. Moreover, Syed is ‘deceiving’ people by taking contributions.

The attitude is familiar amongst certain over-privileged youths, but what seems extraordinary is the Prince’s failure even to realise that such sneers are better restricted to his private circles in a situation such as his.

He plainly feels no concern whatsoever about what others may think of his arrogance or behaviour nor considers himself bound to set some kind of example of royal dignity (rising above the fray).

It is an indication that this next in line Sultan of Johor is travelling even further backwards in his mind in the direction not of a modern constitutional monarchy (his legitimate role) but towards a medieval state of thuggery, where robber barons can act how they like, grab what they want and play God to boot.

Thus this scion of the “30% family“, which has been caught over and again looting public lands and contracts, openly mocks a man who requests voluntary support to stand up to power, claiming it is the subject who is taking money and deceiving the public.

The Prince’s mindset clearly owes to the years of untrammelled exploitation enjoyed by his own family – but to articulate such arrogance so openly will likely accelerate the process that was completed in most places elsewhere many hundreds of years ago.