Today is “Freedom Day” in England while Malaysia still “Kerajaan Gagal”

Yes, kalau nak cerita “Failed State” or “Kerajaan Gagal”, the UK is more qualified than Malaysia to be called one. Hence, if the UK is not a “Failed State” or “Kerajaan Gagal”, how can Malaysia be one?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Malaysia is a “Failed State” or “Kerajaan Gagal”, DAP has been saying for many years. And, today, even some Umno people are saying this as well.

Malaysia has a population of 32 million and has less than 1 million Covid-19 cases with about 7,000 deaths.

UK has a population of 66 million and has more than 5 million Covid-19 cases with about 150,000 deaths.

If Malaysia can be called a “Failed State” or “Kerajaan Gagal” because of this, what should we call the UK?

Even Boris Johnson is not too clear on what needs to be done to fight Covid-19

This “Failed State” or “Kerajaan Gagal” mantra has been DAP’s propaganda campaign for 40 years ever since Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad first took over as Malaysia’s Prime Minister in 1981. It is not a new propaganda campaign. It is an old campaign that has been repackaged and relaunched since last year when Muhyiddin Yassin came to power.

There is a certain criteria to meet to be called a “Failed State” or “Kerajaan Gagal”. For example, to be called a sodomite, you must first semburit or sodomise someone (or sodomise many people, like in the case of Anwar Ibrahim).

If you have sex (even with consent) with a minor, you are called a paedophile. If you rape people (meaning sex without consent), you are called a rapist. Only if you have anal sex with someone (even with consent or suka sama suka), you are called a sodomite.

Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz is not the idiot that the anti-government people say he is

So, we need to be clear about when it is that someone can be called a sodomite and when it is that a country can be called a “Failed State” or “Kerajaan Gagal”. There is a criterion you need to meet first before such labels can be applied to you. And, unfortunately, Malaysia does not meet the criterion to be called a “Failed State” or “Kerajaan Gagal”.

But then that is the way DAP does things. They call Dr Mahathir the “Idi Amin of Malaysia”. They call the Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB) or New Economic Policy (NEP) an “Apartheid Policy”.

Apartheid? Do they even know what Apartheid means? And how can the DEB or NEP translate to Apartheid? That’s like calling the Memali incident of 1985 a Holocaust.

Okay, granted, the killing of Ibrahim Libya and 13 of his followers in Memali, Kedah, was bad. But to call it a Holocaust? Come on! Get real! No need to exaggerate lah.

Anwar Ibrahim just wants to become PM, but he does not really know what to do if he were in charge, other than tok kok

And the same with calling Malaysia a “Failed State” or “Kerajaan Gagal”. That is a gross exaggeration. Malaysia is not perfect, but it is far from a “Failed State” or “Kerajaan Gagal” if you compare the country to countries such as the UK.

Malaysia and the UK both have an unemployment rate of about 5%.

You may think that the UK is prosperous and successful but 23 million out of 66 million British citizens are on benefits. About half of these are pensioners while ten million are of working age. In terms of families, about 64% of families receive some form of benefits. For 9.6 million British families, benefits make up more than half the family income (which comes to 30% of all British families).

Yes, kalau nak cerita “Failed State” or “Kerajaan Gagal”, the UK is more qualified than Malaysia to be called one. Hence, if the UK is not a “Failed State” or “Kerajaan Gagal”, how can Malaysia be one?

Yesterday on the eve of “Freedom Day”

This week, the British summer holidays start and, today, is “Freedom Day” when all Covid-19 restrictions are removed. This means life is going back to normal like in the pre-Covid-19 days of January 2020.

But then the Covid-19 cases in the UK are still around 50,000 a day compared to Malaysia’s 10,000. So how can the UK allow total freedom when Malaysia still bars balik kampung for Hari Raja? Furthermore, only 54% of the British population has been fully vaccinated. So will by next week the Covid-19 cases in the UK shoot up to 100,000 a day?

The scientists have warned this may happen and that the UK is going to see another wave of Covid-19 cases. Anyway, even those fully vaccinated can still get infected with Covid-19. So, vaccinations are not 100% perfect. At the end of the day, it is up to you to protect yourself, not the government’s job.

There are more than 200,000 homeless people in the UK and about 500 die on the streets every year

You can choose to stay home, go out only when necessary, and observe safety measures when you do. Or you can choose to be reckless and inconsiderate and risk getting Covid-19 (or risk infecting other people plus family members you come into contact with).

It is not “Kerajaan Gagal” but “Rakyat Gagal” if you are reckless and inconsiderate and get Covid-19 because of it.