How come Mahathir was good enough for DAP in 2018?

The real issue is this: Pakatan Harapan needed Mahathir to bring down Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Umno-Barisan Nasional in May 2018. And now Pakatan Harapan needs Mahathir to also bring down Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and PPBM-Perikatan Nasional at the end of this month.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

This Ramasamy bugger is talking a lot of hogwash (READ BELOW). Today, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is no good. But in 2018, Mahathir was the best Malaysian out of 32 million Malaysians to be appointed as DAP’s Prime Minister.

After condemning Mahathir for 37 years, and after calling him Idi Amin, Hitler, Mahazalim, Mahafiraun, Mamak Bendahara, etc., DAP goes and appoints him their prime minister.

The English will say Ramasamy is speaking double-Dutch. Malays would say he is speaking Tamil. The native Americans would say Ramasamy is speaking with a forked tongue. Whatever metaphor you want to use, the bottom line is Ramasamy cakap pusing-pusing.

Whatever it may be, it will go down in history that Mahathir was DAP’s prime minister. And Mahathir is the first prime minister in world history to sabotage his own government. And Mahathir sabotaged his own government because his own comrades were plotting to oust him.

That’s the bottom line. Pakatan Harapan was plotting to assassinate Mahathir. On 23rd February 2020 they made their move — just like what happened to Julius Caesar on 15th March 44 BC. To avoid the same fate as Caesar, Mahathir brought down the government.

The real issue is this: Pakatan Harapan needed Mahathir to bring down Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Umno-Barisan Nasional in May 2018. And now Pakatan Harapan needs Mahathir to also bring down Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and PPBM-Perikatan Nasional at the end of this month.

This Ramasamy bugger knows that if Mahathir is given the post that he wants, he will not want to bring down Muhyiddin and his government. That is what is haunting this Ramasamy bugger. That’s all! The rest of what Ramasamy wrote is pure hogwash.

Mahathir knows that the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic has passed and from hereon it can only get better. It is not going to get better tomorrow, but it will get better by the time Malaysia has achieved a high rate of herd immunity. And if Mahathir is heading that committee, then he will get the credit. And this is what is frightening Ramasamy.

Anyway, the high rate of Covid-19 infections is coming from the Pakatan Harapan states. Hence, it is not ‘Kerajaan Perikatan Nasional Gagal’ but ‘Kerajaan Pakatan Harapan Gagal’. So, what is Ramasamy trying to say in his panjang-lebar article? Lembu punya susu basi, sapi dapat nama buruk. Aneh, cukuplah nak tipu rakyat. Di India Covid lagi teruk, tahu?

Mahathir wants ultimate power, not membership of a powerless committee

Ramasamy Palanisamy, Focus Malaysia

Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz is hardly the person to talk to former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on matters related to the control of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic is apparently raging under the weight of a new variant.

Despite the onslaught of the pandemic for over a year, the Government seems to be in a state of paralysis.

I am astounded by the fact that there is realisation in some quarters with the Perikatan Nasional (PN) Government that Mahathir might have some knowledge or experience on how to contain the pandemic.

I find it bewildering and frightening that Mahathir is considered the architect of political, social and economic problems.

Yet, the PN Government has no shame or sense of responsibility to seek the support and advice of a man who is the source of various problems in the country.

Having said that, I wonder why the PN Government would despatch someone like Tengku Zafrul to go see Mahathir to pick his brains.

Zafrul isn’t even an elected MP to begin with, let alone someone who has the ability and knowledge to chart the financial course of the nation.

But alas, under the illegal and backdoor PN Government, anything is possible.

Under the PN Government, it is not merit or experience that matter, but the fulfilment of the race and religious criteria.

The Covid-19 pandemic in India is out of control

Maybe someday, a dim-witted person might even to venture to write a book on the success of a Malay-only government.

There is saying that seeing is believing, and this is relevant to the PN because there is nothing to see by way of performance.

The COVID-19 crisis could have been better managed and brought to a halt if the Government has competent ministers, but the PN race champion simply cannot see the ultimate folly of this myopic approach.

Thus, in trying to contain the pandemic, the Government has turn to the infamous race champion who is none other than the nonagenarian Mahathir Mohamad.

In Malaysia, history not only repeats itself but repeats itself very often as far as Mahathir is concerned.

I really don’t understand what Mahathir can offer to the nation other than using race and religion to further split the country and its people.

How can a man who has been entrapped by bigoted racist thoughts going to adopt a rational and scientific approach to curb the pandemic?

But like how the previous Pakatan Harapan (PH) had turned to Mahathir to save the nation, PN, too, is repeating the same mistake of thinking that Mahathir might be the ultimate saviour.

Unfortunately, he could very well be the ultimate destroyer.

But the old fox, having tasted ultimate power twice, he is just not content with serving as the member of national recovery plan (NRP); he wants more.

He wants absolute power either as the head of a national security council or something similar to it where he will be at the apex so that he can ‘bring the pandemic under control’.

Mahathir might be a medical doctor but I doubt he has any special understanding of how to curb the pandemic. In fact, I doubt he has more knowledge than the present political clowns in the PN Government.

The COVID-19 pandemic might be the reason why Mahathir is constantly attacking the Government.

However, the official registration of his party, Pejuang, has somewhat lowered the volume a little.

For Mahathir, it is not that he craves the idea of being a member of the powerless NRP. Rather, this is just a backdoor that could potentially lead to greater things like heading a national security council so that he could run the country the way he sees fit.

In other words, his craving and desire to become a dictator has not subsided from day one of his entry into politics.

If a national security gets established and with Mahathir as the head, then he will be the sole person managing the country alongside his loyal lieutenants.

Right now, the most worrying thing about the PN Government is its delusion that Mahathir can save them.

If this is what the PN Government wants, then Mahathir is more than ready. In fact, he cannot wait.

He would say: “Give me the power and I will do it”. In typical Hobbesian manner, once power is bestowed, it cannot be taken back. It is a choice between order and chaos.

He is even willing to abandon his party, Pejuang. If this is not an indication of Mahathir’s evil intentions, then I don’t know what this is.

So much for the champion of the race and extremist party – Pejuang!

Ramasamy Palanisamy is the state assemblyperson for Perai. He is also deputy chief minister II of Penang.