Wrong, the Malays DO NOT want a Chinese government

The rural Malays just do not want a Chinese government, even if that means Parliament has to remain suspended. Rural Malays do not really care about Parliament. It is periuk nasi that matters. It is the anti-government people who are so obsessed with Parliament.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The anti-government Finance Twitter wrote a long four-page, 2,000-word article in the manner that Clare Rewcastle Brown of Sarawak Report normally writes her articles. It could be this article was also written by Clare Brown. In other words, it is crap and extremely delusional. (SEE BELOW).

The heading itself is sensational and is meant to attract people to read the article. It is like a “Man bites dog” title, which will attract more attention than “Dog bites man”.

Para 1: What is it that the government is NOT doing?

Para 2: Even Umno is postponing its party election 18 months because of Covid-19 even though they can hold a virtual party election to observe social distancing. So what’s three months delay to hold Parliament?

Para 3: JB is controlled by PKR, not by Muhyiddin Yassin.

Para 4: If the Umno or PKR people abandon their party, you call them frogs. If Perikatan people abandon their party, you sing their praises.

Para 5: The 13 State Assemblies are separate from Parliament. They even pass different laws, such as the Islamic Sharia laws. For example, Parliament can allow the Bible to use Allah, but the State Assemblies can ban Bibles from using Allah.

Para 6: Is this not what PKR and DAP are asking for, more money for the rakyat? So what’s the issue?

Para 7: Address that to the UN, WHO, UNICEF, etc., who are not supplying enough vaccines to Malaysia. Even the British Parliament hentam Boris Johnson for the unfair distribution of vaccines. Why hentam Muhyiddin?

Para 8: Nonsense. His Highness the Sultan of Selangor and His Majesty the Sultan of Johor DO NOT want a DAP government with Anwar Ibrahim as PM9.

Para 9: Nonsense. The 13 State Assemblies have nothing to do with Parliament, the Agong or the Prime Minister.

Para 10: Nonsense. The rural Malays just do not want a Chinese government, even if that means Parliament has to remain suspended. Rural Malays do not really care about Parliament. It is periuk nasi that matters. It is the anti-government people who are so obsessed with Parliament.

Para 11: Nonsense. Mere speculation.

PM runs out of time, with civil war within Bersatu and Umno

(Finance Twitter) – Arguably, Mahiaddin’s biggest mistake is trying to stay in power during the emergency rule without putting serious efforts to fix the economy or expedite the vaccination. (1)

Just a day after Prime Minister Mahiaddin alias Muhyiddin announced yet another lame excuse not to reconvene the Parliament, despite King Sultan Abdullah’s decree to do so, eight Srikandi (Women’s Wing) leaders of Mahiaddin’s own party Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM / Bersatu) resigned en masse. It was not a coincidence, but a loss of confidence. (2)

The prime minister’s excuse – forming a committee to study the reopening of Parliament – was so childish and ridiculous that even his own mini legion of followers found it hard to justify, forcing them to flee the sinking ship. Dramatically, those women leaders who quit were in the Johor Baru division, the state where Muhyiddin grew up and served as Chief Minister from 1986 to 1995. (3)

The reason cited was a lack of transparency and interference. That’s a polite way to say Mahiaddin’s ship – Malaysian United Indigenous Party – is sinking fast and the eight women leaders wanted to distance from it. The party’s women may not be as politically clever as their big boss, but they were smart enough to know the consequences of disrespecting the Sultanate of Johor. (4)

On June 23, two days after the women quit, the influential Sultan Ibrahim of Johor ordered the State Legislative Assembly to convene on August 12. That leaves Mahiaddin’s plan – hastily packaged Covid-19 National Recovery Plan – in tatters. Based on the plan, the Parliament can only be opened in Phase-3 when daily Coronavirus cases threshold falls below 2,000. (5)

The prime minister estimated that the Phase-3 will kick in only in September or October, just nice for him to announce a sexy Budget 2022, which will give truckloads of cash to voters before he calls for a snap election. He hopes “Cash is King” could pacify the hungry and angry people who wanted to punish his clueless and incompetent regime for mishandling the Covid pandemic. (6)

But the Johor Sultan was not done with the former Johor Chief Minister. The Sultan became the second Malay Ruler after Sultan Selangor to publicly express his displeasure over the vaccination program in the country, which is running at a snail’s pace. Sultan Ibrahim took to his Facebook and complained that only 10% of Johor’s 3.78 million populations have been vaccinated. (7)

That pretty much confirms that the Sultanate of Selangor and Johor were instrumental in rejecting the extension of the State of Emergency during the special meeting on June 16, as well as the Agong (King) decree to reconvene the Parliament as soon as possible. Sultan Ibrahim’s order for the Johor assembly to convene is also a warning to Mahiaddin that ASAP did not mean “as slow as possible”. (8)

With nine of Malaysia’s 13 states, including several led by Mahiaddin’s Perikatan Nasional coalition, have now decided to reopen their state assemblies either in July or August, the premier’s leadership and integrity have practically gone to the dogs. The disobedience against Mahiaddin speaks volumes about the increasing possibility that he will lose power soon. (9)

The Agong might be a constitutional monarch, but it’s a political suicide to be seen as belittling, disrespecting or insulting the Malay Monarch Institution, especially when Muhyiddin’s party depends entirely on the Malay vote bank in the rural areas. Even if there’s a last-minute U-turn to reluctantly reopen the Parliament in August, the damage has been done. (10)

It’s perplexing why the prime minister keeps shooting his own foot. It would be a slap in the face for him if his regime suddenly says the Parliament can reconvene earlier than September. And it would be even worse if the backdoor government waits until Oct to do so when all other state assemblies could meet successfully in July or August without any catastrophe. (11)