Those anxious to become PM should wait for 3 more months, says Hamzah

(FMT) – Home minister Hamzah Zainudin has told MPs who were “anxious to become the prime minister” to wait for another three months for Parliament to reconvene as he downplayed calls for a hybrid sitting.

The MPs should be patient as the national Covid-19 vaccination exercise is ongoing, Sinar Harian reported him as saying.

Hamzah said the government would have achieved its vaccination target for the people by September or October.

“Then we will reconvene. And you can do what you want in Parliament. You tell those who cannot wait to be the prime minister to be patient for another three months,” the Malay daily quoted him as saying.

Last week, the government agreed in principle for Parliament sittings to be done in a hybrid manner, with MPs present both physically and virtually.

Hamzah, who is the Bersatu secretary-general, also questioned those pushing for a hybrid Parliament.

He said there was a need to first discuss the Standing Orders of a hybrid Parliament.

“How long will that take? Two weeks? That is not enough.”

The Larut MP also told the opposition to hold back on their attacks on the government until herd immunity was achieved.

“Why do you want to attack the government now?” he asked.