PM Muhyiddin: Malaysia to receive 16 million Covid-19 vaccine shots within next two months

(MMO) – Malaysia is set to receive a total of 16 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines over the next two months.

According to an Astro Awani report, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said with the increased supply, the targeted daily vaccination rate will hit 150,000 and this figure is expected to continue to rise.

He however did not specify the Covid-19 vaccine brands involved.

“For the next two months, we will receive approximately 16 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines. With the increase in the supply of these vaccines, the government is targeting the daily vaccination rate to reach 150,000 this month and this figure will continue to increase.

“This effort could not have been successful without the careful planning of the government and the sacrifices of the front line staff and volunteers involved.

“From the Covid-19 Vaccine Access Assurance Special Committee (JKJAV), vaccinators, doctors, nurses, to members of PDRM, ATM, Rela, APM and volunteers, well done and thank you for your dedication and hard work for ensuring that the largest vaccination programme in the history of our country is successfully implemented,” he was quoted as saying by Astro Awani.

As reported by the news agency, Muhyiddin also gave his assurance that the government is committed to ensuring that the programme runs smoothly.

“I admit there are still weaknesses that need to be improved and I give a commitment that the government will always improve this programme from time to time.

“As a concerned government, we always listen to the people’s grievances and feedback and will always increase our capacity in terms of planning, capacity and manpower to achieve the main objective of our target, which is group immunity,” he was quoted as saying.

It was reported yesterday that Malaysia recorded a new milestone in its vaccination drive when 117,563 doses of vaccine jabs were administered in a single day, the highest number since the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NIP) was implemented 100 days ago.

The government has set a target of administering 150,000 vaccine shots per day in June before increasing it to 200,000 shots by July.